Here are a few updates on Ponta!

Christmas homecoming:

Ponta loves to sleep on Mama’s pillow…


Today, on his walk…


He’s trying to kick the gum-bone habit…


“Are we really going for a walk?”


Next year, we’re planning on dressing Ponta up as me.



First order of business: take 240fps movies of Ponta in action. What else?

A while ago, Ponta stayed overnight at the house of one of Sachi’s friends while we were away. That friend kindly bought a small Koala pillow (apparently based upon the mascot for a chocolate snack), which has since become one of Ponta’s most treasured toys… and chin rests.


OK, it’s more like I’m emerging, from under a pile of work rather than blankets. Nevertheless, I hope to make up for the past 3 months or so without Ponta on this blog, and post a whole big bunch of images taken since mid-July.


We took a few hours of in the middle of the day to take Ponta for a long walk yesterday, going to our favorite new hamburger lunch joint, Hibari Burger. Ponta did pretty well for most of the trip, doing what doggies do.


However, it was sunny enough to make the pavement really hot. Hibari Burger is pretty far away, and Ponta eventually ran out of… er, Dog Messaging Fluid, shall we say.

PontaBuggy to the rescue!


After last summer, we realized that Ponta’s paws were getting uncomfortable after being on the hot asphalt for too long. So we looked around and found a doggie buggy on sale. I looked for quite a while before I could find one big enough—most of the buggies are for smaller dogs than Ponta. But the one we got was just about the right size.



Even so, it is pretty cramped. With the top closed, if Ponta is standing up, he’s just touching the roof of the thing; even sitting down, there is not too much extra space. We were at first worried that Ponta might try to jump out, but those fears were unfounded. As it turns out, he loves it!


We think it’s not just the pavement temperature, but that the poor fellow is just not built for summers in Tokyo. Even after shedding, he has a considerable fur coat and just the one tongue for cooling. I think he appreciated the break, and enjoyed the view and the scents wafting by.

Even more, he loved the scent of the burgers when we got to the lunch house and ordered!


He was like, “Hey, is that for me??”



But, being the intellectual that he is, he understood that he would not be getting his own burger.


When we came back, we stopped at Acquiel, a dog cafe Ponta is always super-excited to visit. We get near it, and he just drags us the rest of the way! He loves the mama-san owner, a woman with a Chihuahua—but also had a Dalmatian, Sesame, until he passed away recently.

When we got ready to leave, we thought Ponta would want to walk back—but no! He went Shiba Crazy on us, and would not settle down until we put him in the buggy again, which he happily rode the rest of the way home.


All in all, a nice day out for Ponta!

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